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Moving company and furniture transport
Why would you rent a van while it is cheaper and easier to use De Meubeltaxi?

Your benefits

  • No pickup and return of the van
  • Available within 48 hours
  • Your estate insured
  • Including evenings and weekends
  • No deposit


Moving Company

Rent a bus

Moving Companies

Moving company

90% of all removals is done without the help of a moving company. Whether you require a complete removal service, or wish to save costs by lending a hand, De Meubeltaxi is your solution. Our moving bus is equipped with blankets, lashes, furniture rollers, a trolley and a friendly skilled mover. Our mover will help you move. He takes care of efficient loading of the moving truck and securing all inventory with blankets and lashes. He will also help you move over the stairs. You decide on which help you require and what you can do yourself. This way you keep control over the final costs.

A complete removal with multiple movers is also possible. If you read our reviews you understand our level of professionality and know that we are one of the best moving companies. However, our rates are quite a bit lower than most moving companies. We run an efficient organisation in which we make good use of automation and this makes us a cheap removal company. Calculate the price of your removal now!

Rent a bus

De Meubeltaxi started as an alternative to rent a minbus. You require a bus because you have something to move that doesn't fit your car. You need the moving van for a short period instead of the whole day, then we can offer a cheap solution. In any case it is a lot easier than renting a bus. There is no pick up and return and no need for deposit of hundres of euros. And as a bonus you receive our mover to drive the minbus and help you load and unload with the use of blankets and lashes. Cheap minibus rent has a lot of advantages, that's De Meubeltaxi!

Furniture transport

We deliver new furniture directly from the store and can help with assembly. Transportation of secondhand goods is in good hands. Whether you wish to move a nice secondhand sofa, an antique cabinet or a washing machine. Our mover has the brain, the muscle and the loading space on wheels. Long distance furniture transport is offered at discounted rates whenever you are flexible, enabling us to combine your fare with another.

Piano transport

The transport of your piano is our daily bread. On a weekly base we move approximately 20 piano's. Our movers are trained to do this and have the skill and equipment. Besides piano transport we also offer transport of a baby grand, which is even a bit more complex and requires special equipment. Our rates are the lowest around for professional piano transport, so book now!

Watch the video to see how De Meubeltaxi works:

How does it work?

De Meubeltaxi comes to your doorstep. Our mover will help you load and then transport your load to the following address. Once there, he will help you unload and place it where you want to have it, also covering stairs. Once finished, you checkout in cash and De Meubeltaxi will continue on to the next address.

What does it cost?

Transport of second furniture from €59, removal service from €79, pianotransport from €89 and the delivery of new furniture from €35. All our rates include 21% VAT. Check our rates to know more about your price, or calculate it directly with our price calculator.

What can you move?

We move everything that doesn’t fit your car. Your sofa for instance, but also transport of cabinets, piano’s and art. We can also help you move.

When are we available?

We are available within 48 hours, possibly even today. Enter your details to us through the reservation form, specify your preferences and our planner gets back to you the same working day.

Where are we available?

We are available throughout half the country, from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Almere, Eindhoven, Breda and more. We also move internationally upon request.

You can order De Meubeltaxi for:

  • Small move
  • Big move
  • Transport of new and second hand furniture
  • Transport to and from storage facility
  • Specialized transport of piano, art , motorbike, etc.
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