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Verhuisservice voor de sterren Verhuisservice voor de sterren Verhuisservice voor de sterren Verhuisservice voor de sterren Verhuisservice voor de sterren
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Verhuisservice voor de sterren Verhuisservice voor de sterren Verhuisservice voor de sterren Verhuisservice voor de sterren
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Verhuisservice voor de sterren Verhuisservice voor de sterren Verhuisservice voor de sterren Verhuisservice voor de sterren Verhuisservice voor de sterren
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Moving company

Moving company De Meubeltaxi has almost 10 years experience in servicing small and big removals. Our team of movers is equipped with all necessary moving materials to help you move. Our removal specialists will help you prepare your removal and figure out where you could possibly save on costs. So you can configure our removal service any way you like. With a lot of service saving you a lot of work, or as cheap as possible where you do what lies within your capabilities and we do all specialized work.

Expect a skilled and professional moving company as any other, only at a better rate. Besides moving we offer a lot of other services, making us efficient and offering you the best rates. We deliver furniture and do specialized transport of pianos, furniture, motor bikes, white goods and art. We are a modern company making the best use of automation to plan and schedule your move, saving on a visit of an expensive sales agent.

Don't let us convince you we are the best moving company for you. Leave that to our satisfied clients and read their reviews. We gladly provide you with a quote and are happy to come help you move.


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When can you move?

Our removal service can be available within 48 hours. Select a date below, send in you request and we will contact you the same workday with the possibilities.

We are the Movers of De Meubeltaxi!

Where is our moving company available?

The removal service is available in the following 3 regions:

  • Regio Eindhoven - Den Bosch - Tilburg
  • Regio Rotterdam - Den Haag
  • Regio Haarlem - Amsterdam

Ofcourse we are also available in all smaller cities in between. When you wish to move something from or to a location outside of our area, then we can do this. If you live outside of our area, then we can service you on request. Possibly this comes at extra costs, but we will discuss this upfront with you.

Also for your international removal from or to any country we can be of service. Moving to Belgium, UK, Germany or France is close by and can be done with direct transport. Further moves to Portugal, or Italy can be done by using container transport on a truck or ship. This will save costs and get the job done. Request for possibilities at vervoer@demeubeltaxi.nl



Moving costs how much?

Below an overview of our relocation package prices (inc. VAT) for a 15m3 moving van:

  1 Mover 2 Movers 3 Movers 4 Movers
1 hour €116 €193 - -
1,5 hours €139 €248 - -
2 hours €172 €303 - -
3 hours €233 €405 €540 €846
4 hours €325 €558 €744 €1.166
5 hours €385 €658 €878 €1.375
6 hours €446 €759 €1.013 €1.587
7 hours €506 €861 €1.148 €1.799
8 hours €567 €799 €1.283 €2.010

 Mentioned rates for 1 moving van including:

  • Moving blankets
  • Lashes
  • Trolley
  • Furniture rollers

 You have acces to our removal service for the selected number of hours. Time starts upon arrival at the first address.

We also provide a 10m3 moving van and a 19m3 removal truck with tailgate. These rates can be found here.

Our moving specialist will gladly advise. Request your removal quote now.

Moving with our moving equipment

Moving becomes a lot easier using the right equipment. Are basic equipment are moving blankets (to protect your inventory), lashes (to fix everything), trolley and furniture rollers (to ease the job). For light assembly work we can bring tools: drill and tool box.

To load large and heavy items we use a ramp (€10). Sometimes it is easy to use a 19m3 van with tailgate, a tackle (€7,50) or wooden levelers whenever something heavy needs to be rolled on grass or gravel.

Moving with an outside elevator

Moving to or from an upper floor might require an outside elevator, whenever items don't fit stairs or elevator. This outside elevator (€150) is a small truck with a turntable ladder which reaches up to 30 meter. The truck must be positioned straight under the window or balcony on concrete surface. An outside elevator can make work really easy. Where moving over the staircase takes 3 hours, an outside elevator can do the job in 1 hour.


Large removal
Verhuislift verhuizing

It takes a minimum of 2 hours for your removal? We call this a large move. We will service you with 2 or more movers to ensure everything runs smooth. We deploy 1 or more vans and if necessary make multiple trips. If you have more than 20m3 to move over long distance, we could also deploy a 50m3 truck. In advance we make a good inventory of what needs to be done and make a fixed price arrangement with you. This gives you security.

Estimate about €100 per hour for 2 movers. An 8-hour day would come at around €800 to €900.

Request a quote for a large removal now.

Small removal

A small removal takes less than 2 hours and will cost €200 to €300. This is the case when:

  • your inventory is small;
  • you and your helpers do a lot of work;
  • you move from the ground floor to the ground floor.

The quickest move is from curb to curb. This way we can load and unload fast, it takes little time and you can save a lot. We offer this option at €79 for 1 hour availability.

Request your quote now!

Immediate removal

You have to move within 48 hours? We can help you swiftly, sometimes even on the same day. It could happen we then charge a surcharge, if we have no truck in the vicinity. Our strength is flexibility. We have trucks on the road daily, so there often is someone nearby to help with your immediate removal.

Call 0900-7755999 to check our availability for your immediate move.

Office removal

We can organise your office removal. Disconnecting and connecting computers, packing contents of filing cabinets and moving office furniture. It's important your office is ready for use the next day at the new location the way you left it today. By tagging everything, tyrapping cables and disassembling furniture whereever necessary, we guarantee a smooth transfer of your office.

A full day's work with 2 vans (total 30m3) and 4 movers is charged at €1322 ex VAT. Compare that to the rates of other moving companies! Do you wish to discuss your office removal? Send us your phone number through the contactform and we will contact you the same working day.

International relocation service The Netherlands

Our relocation service is internationaly available. We provide relocations to several countries in the EU:

  • Relocation service Belgium
  • Relocation service Germany
  • Relocation service France
  • Relocation service Denmark
  • Relocation service UK
  • Relocation service Suisse
  • Relocation service Austria
  • Relocation service Sweden
  • Relocation service Norway
  • Relocation service Luxembourg

If you require our international removal service, please make your request for a removal quote through vervoer@demeubeltaxi.nl. Our specialists will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your needs and our options.


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