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Rates De Meubeltaxi

Below you will find in succession rates for:

  • Removal service
  • Transport of secondhand furniture
  • Piano transportation
  • Delivery new furniture

All rates mentioned include 21% VAT.

What is the price of our removal service?

Whether you require a lot of help during your removal, or only to the necessary means, you decide which service you hire and thus how much you will pay in the end. We offer removal packages where you can select how many movers you would like to hire, what size moving van and during how much time. Below you will read our rates:

  1 mover 2 movers 3 movers 4 movers
1 hour €106 €193    
1,5 hour €139 €248    
2 hour €172 €303    
3 hour €233 €405 €540 €846
4 hour €325 €558 €744 €1166
5 hour €385 €658 €878 €1375
6 hour €446 €759 €1013 €1587
7 hour €509 €861 €1148 €1799
8 hour €567 €962 €1283 €2010

These rates include:

  • a 15m3 moving van (with moving blankets, lashing, trolley and furniture rollers)
  • The selected number of movers
  • 50 km (more km at €0,50)
  • Arrival at 1st address
  • 21% VAT

Exceedance of the hired time is possible in consultation only and if our schedule permits. Price at €30 per half hour per employee.

Furthermore we offer these options:

  • 10m3 moving van (watch the lower fare here)
  • 19m3 moving van with tailgate (watch the higher rate here)


Our removal specialists gladly advise you in your package selection. Inform us on what needs to be done under what circumstances and our specialist can do an assessment and advise you.

Fixed price

If you agree on the advise of our specialist, then we offer your removal at a fixed price. You will nothing more and nothing less, despite the eventual duration of your removal. We like to make good arrangment with all our customers, so we can only make this offer if the circumstances in reality match the information you provided. (a box more or less is no problem ofcourse)

Flexible discount 10%

We can make your removal even more cheap! If we are to pick the timeslot of your removal, then we can offer a 10% discount on mentioned rates. (you will receive a text message and email with the timeslot the night before)



Transport secondhand furniture

For the transportation of 1 or a few items we work with a basic fare based on driven kilometers and used time. Included in the basic fare (from €59):

  • The help of 1 mover
  • 10 minutes loading
  • 10 minutes unloading
  • All driven kilometers
  • 21% VAT

These are the further options:

  • Extra loading time at €8,50 per 10 minutes
  • Extra mover at €40 + €0,75 per km
  • Extra loading time for 2 movers at €15 per 10 minutes
  • 3rd and more addresses at €8,50 per address

If you are flexible and we can pick the timeslot, then we can offer a 10% discount. The night before we send you a text message and email to inform you.


Piano transportation

The transportation of your piano is at a fixed price:

  • €99 up till 5 km
  • €109 up till 10 km
  • More km at €10 per 10 km
  • Extra mover at €75 + €1 per km

You can choose to assist our mover yourself, or hire an extra mover so we arrive with 2 movers.

Baby grand transportation is possible from €249.


Delivery new furniture

If you bought new furniture at a shop, for delivery we charge a price starting from €29 depending on the shop and what you bought.

The night before we send you a text message and email with the delivery timeslot. It is possible to select your desired timeslot at a surcharge of €15.

If the normal rate is over €100, then we can agree on a flexible rate of €99 within our service area. Your furniture will be delivered within 14 days when it suits us, ofcourse in good consultation.



Your estate can be fully covered for damage up from €23. In our Transportation Policy you will find information on our liability.

Do you want to receive a quote? 

Fill in your details via RESERVATION, this is entirely non-committal; You can still cancel up to 24 hours in advance. You can specify what you want to convey, to which locations , what extra services you require and when you want to use De Meubeltaxi. Is your booking clear and complete and possible at the chosen moment, then you will receive a confirmation by email. Is there anything not clear or  impossible, we will call you in order to align this with you. 

You can also use this form to indicate that you wish to receive a quote before making any final reservation. 

For relocations and jobs that require more than one hour of loading time, we always settle a fixed price. For this amount, we get the job done, no matter how long it takes. The only condition would be that the circumstances and assets correspond to what you have described. 

If you have any questions, call us on 0900 77 55 999 (09:00 to 18:00 mon-sat)

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