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Why De Meubeltaxi?

  Rental van Trailer DIY De Meubeltaxi
Pick up Yes Yes No need No need
Return Yes Yes No need No need
Deposit Yes Yes Nee Nee
Carry yourself Yes Yes Yes Your choice
Insurance Nee Nee Nee Yes
Removal equipment Nee Nee Nee Yes
Costs From €70 From €70  €0 From €59


The great advantage of De Meubeltaxi is that it your desired timeframe. So you don’t spend time retrieving the moving and the execution of various paperwork.


When the job is done, De Meubeltaxi departs for the next customer. This also saves time, because you don’t need to return the vehicle.


We charge no deposit. When renting a van this is quite often asked, and involves amounts from € 400 tot € 1.000.

Toting help

The Furniture Taxi is a large 15m3 van including mover. This is a strong guy with a lot of experience in moving stuff. He helps you to lift and makes sure your belongings are loaded efficiently and safely on the van. If you wish, you can even add an extra toting help. Then there will be two men to carry out all the work for you can refrain from burdening yourself.


All your specified items are insured during transportation. This is not the case when you do it yourself, unless you have a special insurance for this. Excess is 25% of the total fare.

Moving Material

Things move a lot easier with the right material. De Meubeltaxi is equipped with moving blankets to pack your belongings, straps to fix everything and a hand truck and furniture roller to prevent unnecessary drudgery.


Doing it yourself is of course the cheapest. De Meubeltaxi fares start at € 59, - and a significant proportion of our customers are served for exactly this amount. Longer distances, larger load times and additional toting help naturally increase the tariff. When comparing with an alternative such as renting a bus or trailer, take into account the time you have to invest and additional costs for gasoline and mileage.

Why De Meubeltaxi?

We offer in many cases a smart solution. Sometimes we are the cheapest option and sometimes it is just very pleasant to use all service opportunities we offer. De Meubeltaxi is an interesting alternative in the transport market and we aim to serve all our customers to satisfaction.


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