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How does it work?

You want to move things that are so big that you cannot do it yourself. De Meubeltaxi can do this for you. It’s a little different than renting a van, because De Meubeltaxi comes to your doorstep. The mover helps you load. Your belongings are then transported and unloaded. Next De Meubeltaxi moves on to the next customer.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how De Meubeltaxi works:

The reservation

Fill in your details via the booking form. You specify which addresses are visited and what circumstances we can expect here that will affect the loading time, exactly what you want to convey and specify a preference for time and date.

We then go through your booking and estimate what type of transport you need and how much time we need to reserve. The more information you provide us with, the better we can serve you with this estimation. Is everything clear to us, we confirm the appointment by email. Is there anything unclear or impossible, we will call to align this with you.

The transport

We will set off a period of half an hour in which De Meubeltaxi arrives. The mover will call you in advance to indicate his estimated time of arrival. Upon arrival he will take stock of what you want to convey and determines the sequence in which it is placed on the moving van. We will pack your belongings in moving blankets and secure it with straps, so everything can be transported without damage.

If it appears that you need to carry more inventory , or that the site conditions are different than you specified , we cannot take responsibility for this. This may have the effect that we cannot provide everything for you, because we run a tight schedule and have to return to the next customer .

Whenever it appears we have made a miscalculation, we take full responsibility for this.


Afterwards you can pay cash to the mover. By email you will be sent a bill including VAT breakdown.

Please contact me

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Opening times:
Monday to Saturday: 09:00 to 18:00
Sunday: on request
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